Water Damage Reinstall Fairfax, VA

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This water damage reinstall in fairfax, va as in most instances was the final step in what has been an exhausting process. This particular client in fairfax, va gave us call informing us of  her need for a water damage reinstall. As we explained to our client the process is simple. First, and most important the area should be dry and the section of pad that was wet should be discarded. Next, any damaged or moldy tact strips should be replaced. Now the new pad should be inserted and secured to the subfloor. Finally, the carpet is reinstalled. This water damage reinstall in fairfax, va was complete in about two hours and once again gave our client the use of their lovely basement.

So if you’re in fairfax, va and are in need of a water damage reinstall contact us at (703) 672-0476.