Virginia Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair

Virginia Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair

Virginia Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair

It’s the new year, who wants to look at old, unsightly carpet bumps and ripples? Have you found yourself or kids stumbling, tripping or simply walking on folds and bumps in your carpet? Good news, we can repair those bumps and ripples in your carpet. Carpet stretching is our most common repair for our certified technicians. Carpet stretching should be done using a power stretcher tool. This stretches the carpet from wall to wall. Typically, during carpet stretching, we stretch out a few centimeters to a few inches of excess carpet. If the the bumps and ripples remain in your carpet for an extended amount of time, it can cause further damage to your carpet leading to having to replace your carpet earlier than expected. Carpet stretching can extend the life of carpet. Properly stretched and installed carpet reduces the wear and tear on your carpet in those locations. Contact our office now to schedule your carpet stretching appointment at 703-672-0476.  Feel free to visit our website to view our recent jobs’ before and after pictures.

We service MD, DC, and N. VA.

We provide:

Carpet Repair (Pet Damage, Burns, Stains, Seams)

Carpet Stretching (Bumps, Ripples, Buckles)

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Re-installation (after flooding)

and more!