Virginia Carpet Repair- Carpet Cleaning- Allergies

Virginia Carpet Repair- Carpet Cleaning- Allergies

Virginia Carpet Repair- Carpet Cleaning- Allergies

This is beautiful fall weather we are having this week in October. Don’t let your allergies keep you from enjoying the great outdoors this fall. Seasonal allergies can be a headache, and it seems like this could be an intense season. So be proactive and start addressing the dust mites and pollen in your home. Outdoor air enters our homes on a regular basis. This brings pollen, dust, soil, etc into our homes. Our carpet acts as a filter for the air in our homes. By having a professional deep clean and deodorize of your carpet annually, this can improve your indoor air quality. As a result, the carpet will be revitalized as well. Click here for a video on indoor air quality.

Our carpet cleaning provides a deep thorough cleaning down the bottom of the carpet fibers and also extracts most of the water to reduce dry time. Cleaning includes deodorization and it also sanitizes the carpet, eliminating dust mites, bacteria, etc. Cleaning also addresses common household stains like food, stains, traffic lanes. Please let us know if you have any pet urine stains as addressing pet urine requires a more extensive treatment.

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Carpet Re-installation (after flooding)

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