Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning- Virginia Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning- Virginia Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Virginia Carpet Repair & Cleaning specializes in carpet repair and cleaning, pet urine carpet cleaning and odor removal services. If you have pet urine in your carpet; we can apply a topical enzyme that breaks down the urine salt crystals. When those urine crystals mix with bacteria, it causes the urine odor in your home. In addition to the topical treatment on the carpet surface, we can flush the area of carpet and padding where the urine is located and apply the topical treatment to the backing of the carpet as well. It is recommended to clean and seal the sub floor for complete odor removal.

Oftentimes, clients have already attempted to clean the carpets themselves with a store bought or rented carpet cleaning machine. The attempts were unsuccessful because the urine has soaked into the padding and also left those urine crystals in the carpet fibers. Without powerful extraction cleaning and the proper enzyme solution to break down the urine, the smell will linger in your home.

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We service the DC, MD, and Northern VA areas.

Some of the services we provide:

Carpet Repair (Burns, Bleach, Stains)

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

Seam Repair

Transition Repair

Berber Runs

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Pet Urine, Stain, and Odor Removal

Carpet Stretching

Water Restoration

Carpet Re-installation after Water Damage

and more!