Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning VA

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning VA

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning in Virginia


Has your pet had an accident on your carpet? Pet Urine/ Odor Removal is often challenging for homeowners to address. Urine soaks through the carpet, down into the carpet padding and sub-floor. Most cleaners can only address the top layer, the carpet fibers. We offer different levels of pet urine / odor removal treatments based on how aggressively we need to treat the areas.

Pet urine stains/ odors are caused because the urine leaves behind urine salt crystals, this mixed with bacteria is what causes the odor. The treatment options consist of an enzyme the breaks down those salt crystals before deep cleaning the carpet. If there is a confined area that your pet has saturated we can flush the carpet and padding in that area. As a last resort, our technicians can also physically remove that saturated area, replace the padding, clean and sanitize the sub-floor, and then insert a new permanent section of carpet (a carpet patch).

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