Pet Damage Carpet Repair Fairfax VA

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Fairfax VA Fairfax VA Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Fairfax VA

Do you have holes and rips in your carpet? Our Fairfax, VA resident contacted us because their dog had dug a hole in her carpet. She was relieved to hear that this pet damage is something we can fix for her. Our certified technicians will remove the damaged section and insert a new piece of carpet. A carpet patch is done with preferably a spare piece of carpet, but we can use carpet from the back of closet also. Virginia Carpet Repair & Cleaning can fix all types of damages to your carpet, give us a call now! ┬áDon’t replace your carpet, repair it!

Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers professional carpet repair and cleaning services throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our carpet repair services include:

Carpet Stretching/Re-stretching

Carpet to Tile Transitions

Carpet Repairs (burns, bleach, pet damage, and stains)

Berber Repair/Snags/Runs

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Sales

Carpet Installation