Falls Church VA Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Falls Church VA Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Falls Church VA Pet Damage Carpet Repair Falls Church VA Pet Damage Carpet Repair

A client from Falls Church VA reached out to Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning in need of pet damage carpet repair. Her dog got locked in her room and attempted to dig his way out of the room. Being locked in the room, typically causes anxiety in pets, and pet damaged carpet is often the result our clients come home too. Fortunately, carpet repair is our specialty here. Our client did not have any spare carpet (leftover carpet from installation); we used carpet from a back corner of a closet. Carpet that was made at the same time and in the color dye lot is the best possible option for repairing your carpet. We stock similar carpet remnants that our certified techs seamed back into the closet for our client. Our client was ecstatic at the results of her repair. If you are in need of Falls Church VA pet damage carpet repair or are in the surrounding Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas contact our office at 703-672-0476. www.VirginiaCarpetRepair.com

Services we provide:

Carpet Repair (Pet Damage, Burns, Seams, Stains)

Carpet Stretching (Bumps, Buckles, Waves)

Carpet Dyeing (Bleach Spots)

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Reinstallation (after flooding)

and more!