Carpet Stretching Falls Church, VA

Carpet stretching Falls Church, VA Falls Church Carpet Stretching


Is you carpet in desperate need of carpet stretching? Are you located in falls church, va? You’re in luck, not only will we come and power stretch your carpet leaving it flat and drum tight but you will also receive a labor warranty with our carpet stretching services.

We received a call from this particular client informing us of a carpet stretching need. We informed the client that this is our most common repair and they could rest assure that we could complete this job with the proper tools to assure this problem won’t reoccur. The appointment was set and the technician arrived in falls church, va on time and completed the job within an hour.

Our client could appreciate the visual improvement and we as certified technicians are happy to help extend the life of ¬†your carpet. So if you’re in falls church, va and in need of carpet stretching services contact us at (703) 672-0476.