Carpet Stretching Fairfax, VA

fairfax, va carpet strectching Carpet stretching fairfax, va

If you’re looking for a professional carpet stretching service for your home in Fairfax, va congratulations you just found it. We offer carpet stretching, carpet repair and cleaning service to all residential clients in fairfax, va.

Our team of experienced technicians are experienced in repairing carpet damage cause by a variety of culprits, (pets, water damage, carpet burns, berber carpet unraveling at seams, bleach stains, improper installations) and offer solutions at a fraction of the cost to replace.

The photos above show a carpet stretching job we finished in fairfax, va this week. Our customers new carpet developed carpet ripples shortly after installation and he lived with it thinking replacing his carpet was his only option.

We provided a estimate based on our customers dimensions, which he provided over the phone and the appointment was set.

We power stretched the carpet from wall to wall and trimmed the excess carpet. The result is now a flat drum-tight carpet which should last for many years. This job took us some time to finish however we feel good about the results?

Contact our team today for your free carpet stretching estimate.