Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair- Virginia

Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair- Virginia

Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair- Virginia Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair- Virginia

Have you been living with bumps and ripples in your carpet? Fortunately, you don’t have to live with them much longer. Carpet stretching is our most common repair. Our skilled and certified technicians use a power stretcher to stretch your carpet from wall to wall. This is the proper tool to ensure your carpet will be completely flat and drum tight. Typically, carpet installers use a knee kicker to install carpet, which does not create enough tension and leverage to get the carpet tight enough on the tack strips. Then over time, the carpet begins to bump and ripple in certain areas because the carpet is too loose. The carpet fibers along these bumps and ripples begin to wear in these areas if left for an extended period of time further damaging the carpet. Carpet stretching is an affordable option rather than replacing your carpet. This service comes with a 5 year guarantee as well.

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