Carpet Stretching and Cleaning Centreville VA

Carpet Stretching and Cleaning Centreville VA

Carpet Stretching and Cleaning Centreville VA

Carpet stretching eliminates carpet ripples and bumps that have appeared in your carpet. These ripples and bumps are caused by loose carpet. We use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet from wall to wall to ensure the carpet is completely flat and drum tight. Our certified technicians will uninstall the carpet along two walls, and power stretch the carpet towards those walls. Next, any excess carpet will be trimmed off, usually between a few centimeters to a few inches of excess loose carpet is removed. The carpet is the re-fastened to the tack strips and tucked under the baseboards. Carpet stretching takes a few hours to complete. This service extends the life of your carpet because carpet ripples attract traffic lanes and soil which cause damage to the carpet fibers if left for long periods of time.

If you are in need of carpet stretching and cleaning Centreville VA or the surrounding areas, contact our office today to schedule your carpet stretching appointment. You don’t have to live with unsightly carpet ripples and bumps. Eliminate this tripping hazard today. 703-672-0476 or visit our website

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