Carpet Stretching and Cleaning Burke VA


Carpet Stretching and Cleaning

Carpet Ripples can occur at any time. Sometimes they are there when we purchase a home, or we find the carpet needs to be stretched before we move out of your home. The longer a ripple remains in the carpet, the more wear, tear, and damage happens at that location. Carpet stretching and cleaning should be done at the same time to remove the dirt stains left behind by the ripples.  The first set of pictures show carpet that has been stretched and cleaned. However, in the 2nd hallway pictures, the carpet has been power stretched and is completely flat and drum tight; you can still see those dirt stains from where the ripple used to be. Carpet stretching and cleaning can add years to the life of your carpet. Contact us now if you need carpet stretching and cleaning Burke VA! 703-672-0476

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