Carpet Seam Repair Lorton VA

Carpet Seam Repair Lorton VA

Carpet Seam Repair Lorton VA Carpet Seam Repair Lorton VA Carpet Seam Repair Lorton VA

A carpet seam is where two pieces are carpet meet and are joined together ‘seamlessly’. Seam usually are not noticeable throughout your carpet. Sometimes, carpet seams are pulled apart by wear and tear or in this case, our clients’ pet. Their pet was playing with the carpet seam and was able to dig a hole and pull a portion of the seam up. Our certified technicians were able to repair this are by inserting a new permanent section of carpet in this damaged area. Carpet repair and carpet seam repair can be completed using a spare piece of carpet our clients may have or by removing carpet from a hidden corner of a closet. Using this carpet is the best possible match to repair the carpet. We have common color carpet remnants that we can install back into the closet for you.

Normally clients assume that with this kind of carpet damage, the carpet needs to be replaced.  Virginia Carpet Repair can repair any kind of damage that is done to your carpet as these residents found out to their delight.

The pictures show the damage that was done, but also shows the carpet after Virginia Carpet Repair’s certified technicians repaired the carpet.  What an amazing job!  We were able to save our clients lots of money because they did not have to replace their carpet.

When you find that your carpet needs to be repaired, please give us a call at Virginia Carpet Repair before you replace your carpet. Carpet repairs to you may seem impossible to fix, but our skilled techs can work miracles for you and save you thousands of dollars because you will not have to replace your carpet!

Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers professional carpet repair and cleaning services throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our carpet repair services include:

Carpet Stretching/Re-stretching

Carpet to Tile Transitions

Carpet Repairs (burns, bleach, pet damage, and stains)

Berber Repair/Snags/Runs

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Re-installation (after flooding)