Carpet Repair Woodbridge VA

Carpet Repair Woodbridge VA

Do you need carpet repair woodbridge va, or maybe you are in the surrounding areas? Carpet repair is a common carpet service we provide. Homeowners contact our office for all types of repairs. This specific homeowner needed carpet burn repair. They had a burn mark, and initially tried to do the repair themselves, but found it to be more difficult than they expected. Their repair stood out so much, they contacted our office to fix the damage.  Our technician was able to repair this burnt carpet using a piece of spare carpet from the homeowner. The damaged area was trimmer out, and the spare piece inserted and seamed together. The damaged area is hardly noticeable now. This was a successful repair with a happy and grateful homeowner.

Carpet burn repairs are a common service for us.  Our certified technicians can also repair bleach stained carpet,  pet stained carpet, pet damaged carpet, and more! Spare carpet can be used to repair the damaged carpet, but if no spare is available, the technician can easily remove a piece of carpet from the back of a closet to use for the repair. Our carpet trucks stock a lot of common color carpet remnants, that they will seam back into the closet for you. If you aren’t sure if your carpet can be repaired, just contact our office today. We would be happy to discuss all of your carpet repair options.

Don’t replace your carpet, repair it! Contact our office now at 703-672-0476, or visit our website Click  on our recent jobs tab, and view before and after pictures of our work!

We service the DC, MD, and Northern VA areas.

Some of the services we provide:

Carpet Repair (Burns, Bleach, Stains)

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

Seam Repair

Transition Repair

Berber Runs

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Stretching

Water Restoration

Carpet Re-installation after Water Damage

and more!