Carpet Cleaning- Stain Removal Herndon VA

Carpet Cleaning– Stain Removal Herndon VA

There are common high traffic areas in your carpet; the front entryway, the stairs, and in front of your sofa. These areas usually receive the most wear and tear on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning- stain removal can help reduce the visibility of traffic patterns and remove the soil in the carpet. At Virginia Carpet Repair & Cleaning we have a hot water extraction deep cleaning method that every one of our technicians are trained and certified in. This carpet cleaning method is a 9 step process that includes: pre-vac, spot treatment, pre-spray, agitatation, deep water extraction (steam), deodorization,  drying, post grooming (optional to reduce dry time), and fabric/stain protection (optional to prevent stains). This 9 step process is important in extending the life of your carpet. We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 9-12 months, to reduce the amount of soil in the carpet. Over time, soil can begin to wear down your carpet fibers, and even cause long term stains. We provide a standard spot treatment and pre-spray treatment to the carpet using some of the best products in the industry. We also provide carpet cleaning- stain removal services for stubborn stains: food based stain, make-up stain, pet urine stains, etc.

The before and after pictures shown here of a recent carpet cleaning- stain removal Herndon VA job. The outcome looked great, and our customer was very pleased with the results. Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations. If you are in Herndon VA, or the surrounding areas and are in need of carpet cleaning or have questions about stain removal, contact our office now at 703-672-0476 or visit our website at

We service the DC, MD, and Northern VA areas.

Some of the services we provide:

Carpet Repair (Burns, Bleach, Stains)

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

Seam Repair

Transition Repair

Berber Runs

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Stain Removal

Carpet Stretching

Water Restoration

Carpet Re-installation after Water Damage

and more!