Virginia Carpet Stretching, Cleaning and Repair

Virginia Carpet Stretching, Cleaning and Repair

A properly maintained carpet can warm a room like no other flooring surface. Carpeting also comes in many unique styles, patterns, color, and texture. Regular scheduled maintenance is key to keeping your carpet look as new as the day it was installed.

Unfortunately life also happens on your carpet which can cause wear, damage and stains. And if not installed properly, your carpet develop ripples or bumps and failing seams.

Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning is your one-stop flooring solution for all things related to carpet. We specialize in eliminating those unsightly ripples by properly stretching the carpet, using a power stretcher.

Our team of certified carpet repair and cleaning technicians have helped to restore carpet all throughout Northern Virginia. We patch carpet, stretch carpet, Deep Clean carpet, remove spots and spills and fix carpet damage caused by pets.

Planning to sell your home and your carpet needs a Spring cleaning? Or just tired of that lump in the carpet that keeps growing and growing. We’ve seen most issues and have a solution for it.