Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning   Professional Carpet Cleaning  

Your carpet gets walked on, played on, worked on, spilled on, and lived on. Carpets make a home and business warmer and quieter. But no amount of vacuuming, will take the place of a professional carpet cleaning. Those retail spot cleaners can only do so much and even the steam cleaner you can rent from the grocery or hardware store does not deliver the industrial power of our truck-mounted Pro Chem machines.

Every once in a while, your carpet deserves a professional cleaning job.

Residential Carpet Cleaning
Your home’s carpet provides an intimate and comfortable environment enjoyed by you, your kids, your pets, and others you invite into your home. With proper care and maintenance it can last for years. Have you paid attention to your carpet lately? Odor? Stains? Fibers worn in high-traffic areas? Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians can fix all these! We are all IICRC certified—an industry certification that many other companies don’t have. Furthermore, it’s our priority to treat your home as if it were our own, with respect and care.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Did you know that your business’s carpet can say a lot about you? Carpet that’s allowed to get damaged and stay damaged, smells bad, is stained, old, and otherwise forgotten about, can give some people the impression that that’s also how you regard other aspects of your business. Which is why we particularly recommend for our business clients that they schedule regular professional cleaning.

Well-maintained carpeting has a longer lifespan (saving you the expense of replacing), is safer for employees, customers, and clients, and communicates that “I care” attitude, which is essential to your business.

Ask us about our green cleaning products-good for both home and business. Products are recommended if you have family members or employees with allergies or respiratory conditions otherwise aggravated by chemicals. But all our products are 100% approved for home or business use!

Contact us today for a professional carpet cleaning. See how we can restore life to your tired and worn-out carpet. Residential or commercial, we do it all. Contact us