Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Your pet is part of your family, and we love ours, too! But truth be told, they can be hard on carpets. Urinating, clawing, and chewing are common problems and Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians are pros at repairing them.

Urine damage is one of the most common problems. Popular retail cleaning products promise to remove stains and odors, but often fall short, leaving odors and festering bacteria behind. And in many cases urine goes deep into the carpet fibers, through the backing and soaks the pad beneath the carpet. Once a dog or cat urinates on a carpet, it’s not uncommon for them to revisit the same spot, urinating many times over. (You may not even realize it). Left untreated, pet urine in your carpet leads to a number of problems: stains, odor, bacteria, damaged padding, and possibly damaged floor beneath the carpet. And it smells strongly of ammonia. Anyone new to your home, will be much more sensitive to the odor.

How We Repair Pet Damage

Our technicians are equipped with a special UV light that identifies areas of your carpet that have been soiled and soaked with pet urine. For heavily soiled carpeting, we lift the carpeting, remove the old padding and replace with new padding, and apply an enzymatic deodorizer that eats the odor causing bacteria. Then we clean the carpet and stretch it properly.

For carpeting that has been clawed or chewed we literally cut out the damage and replace it with a new section of carpet.

  • We can use a section from leftover remnants you may have on hand
  • Source a piece from a back corner of your closet
  • Try and match it to a sample we carry on our truck (for convenience, our trucks carry rolls of the most common types of carpet and colors)

When we are done, it’s hard to tell where damage has been removed and a new section seamlessly bonded in.

Love your pets; repair your carpet. Our technicians are all IICRC certified and experienced with all types of pet damage. We treat your home like our home. Contact Virginia Carpet Cleaning and Repair to schedule service.