The best customers are those who are most educated and informed. Here are the questions our customers most commonly ask us about our carpet cleaning and repair services.

1. I’ve been told my carpet needs to be re-stretched because it looks loose and wrinkled. Why did this happen?

You’re not alone! Carpet wrinkling and loosening is pretty common and can be caused by a few different factors. First, carpet can loosen if installed improperly: professional carpet technicians should use a power stretcher when installing carpet. Unfortunately, many try and cut corners and use knee kicks alone, but that does not adequately stretch a carpet. Second, significant temperature differences can affect your carpet as well and over time can cause it to loosen and lose it’s original shape. Third, cheap or old carpet padding can also contribute to carpet that’s become loose. Good new is we can fix it! Learn more about our carpet stretching services.

2. Can my carpet be repaired without having to go out and buy a spare piece of carpet?

You do not have to go out and buy a spare piece of carpet before we can repair your carpet. In most cases we can source a section of carpet from your existing home or apartment, like from a back corner of a closet or underneath a large piece of furniture you don’t intend to move. We can also use a piece of remnant you may have on hand from a previous repair or installation.

3. Will my carpet repair be noticeable to me and, especially to others?

In most cases there will be little visible indication that your carpet has been repaired. It’s certainly unlikely anyone other than yourself will know any repair took place. It takes patience and skill to repair a carpet, which is why we pride ourselves on our carpet repair services. Whether we are doing a sectional repair or surgically weaving in looped pile, we will tell you first whether we believe your repair is the best option. Read more about our carpet repair services.

4. In what cities does Virginia Carpet Cleaning and Repair offer services?

Our service area includes the following cities in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area:

Aldie, VA
Annandale, VA
Alexandria, VA
Arlington, VA
Ashburn, VA
Bethesda, MD
Burke, VA
Centreville, VA
Chantilly, VA
Fairfax, VA
Falls Church, VA
Great Falls, VA
Herndon, VA
Lorton, VA
Manassas, VA
Potomac, MD
Mclean, VA
Reston, VA
Springfield, VA
Sterling, VA
Tysons Corner, VA
Vienna, VA
Washington, DC
Woodbridge, VA

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