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Carpet looking rippled, wavy, or loose?

Your carpet endures a lot, but that does not mean it should get loose—appearing to have bumps, ripples and waves. When it does, it’s usually caused by one of three factors:

  • Carpet has endured temperature extremes – Ever go away during the summer and leave your home closed up with the AC turned off? If your house heats up inside, the extreme temperature change could affect your carpet. Over time, it could “relax” and look rippled or wrinkled.
  • Improper stretching at time of installation – When carpet is installed in your home or office, installers should be using knee kickers as well as a power stretcher to ensure the carpet is pulled tight from wall to wall on the tack strips. In too many cases lazy installers only use knee kickers. Short-term the carpet appears well stretched and smooth, but is not as tight as it should be according to industry standards. Virginia Carpet Cleaning and Repair technicians use both knee kickers and power stretchers every time we stretch a carpet!
  • Poor carpet padding – All carpet padding is not created alike. There are high quality and poor quality pads and certain pads designed for certain types of carpet, ie. cut pile or looped pile (berber). A manufacturer recommended high quality carpet pad can make your carpet look and feel its best, while it also helps to maximize the lifespan of your carpet. Carpet padding that’s cheap, been previously used, or is simply old and damaged itself, can cause your carpet to become relaxed—wrinkles and ripples appear.

Safety Hazards
Wrinkled, wavy carpet is not only unsightly, but it’s also a danger. This is bad enough in your home, but a much bigger worry in the workplace where employees’ and customers can trip and fall on loose or buckled carpet, putting you at risk for lawsuits.

Look at your carpet…Does it have dangerous and ugly wrinkles and ripples? We can fix that! Contact Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning for professional, done-according-to-industry-standards carpet stretching. Contact us