Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair   Carpet Repair

What if you didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to replace your carpet? What if…with a few skillful repairs and a professional cleaning, your carpet looked close to new again? You’d be pretty thrilled, right?

In many cases, what you may think is “damaged beyond repair,” isn’t. Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians are trained and certified to repair many of the most common and troublesome carpet repairs.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Repairs
Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, your carpet gets fed a daily dose of traffic, dirt, and even spills and stains. Common home carpet repairs include pet damage, loose or wrinkled carpet, and stains. Common commercial repairs include loose carpet due to failing glue or moisture damage, tears and damage due to high-heeled shoes or heavy office furniture and equipment, and damaged rubber reducers. Damaged carpet in your home is unsightly, and in a commercial environment it’s a recipe for a lawsuit. We repair it all!

Carpet-to-Tile Transitions
Where carpet meets tile can be a bumpy transition and one that’s often overlooked as part of an upgrade or building enhancement! Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians are specialists at making this common transition a smooth and natural one, using tack strips, rubber reducers, or transition strips.

Bleach Stains
Bleach is an enemy to your carpet and people try all kinds of homemade dyes to cover the ugly white spots! (Doesn’t work, by the way). But…contrary to what you might think, a bleach stain does not necessarily mean you need to replace your entire carpet. Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning pros can “surgically” remove the damaged area and replace it with a permanent section sourced either from your own carpet or from a close match we may have on hand.

Pet damage
Dogs and cats are part of your family, but they can be hard on your carpet. Damage to carpet, padding, and even flooring from regular urination is a very common problem. Damage due to clawing and chewing is another. Learn more about our pet damage services.

Carpet Burns
Carpet fibers don’t like to be burned and they show it! Cigarette and cigar, curling irons and flat irons, hookah pipes, candles, and incense are the most common sources for carpet burns.

Berber Carpet Repair
This popular and durable looped pile carpet can endure a lot of abuse. But when snagged, it can unravel like a handknit sweater. Learn more about the unique qualities of berber carpet and how we fix damaged berber.

Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning can fix it all! Our technicians carry the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which ensures every service we provide is up to proven industry standards. Contact us for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs! Contact us